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2D mmorpg

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i'm looking for a good 2d mmorpg ( for my other pc, with a not so good video card )

i used to play maplestory, but i left so long ago that i would need months to catch up, and starting all over again ... nah, too much ...

anyway, do any of you know any good 2D mmos ? i'm looking for the common fantasy things : level up, monsters, warriors, mages, etc. i've tried looking, but most of the 2D mmo's ive found look strangely similar - all look like a window and with very little small characters kinda like a small sprite ( or like those old nintendo rpg games, like final fantasy 1 ... )

anyway, i'd really like if anyone can suggest any good 2D mmo ... yeah, i know it's kinda hard because most most online games today are 3D ... but anyway, any suggestions ?


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