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Casting Video/Video Polaroids/Test Video

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Newbie question here-

I've been seeing these videos of models that's kind of like a introduction video or a casting video, but they're also like polas too. Sometimes, they introduce themselves, usually, there's a profile shot with hair up, then they pose in various ways. It seems like agencies make them to promote the models to book them. What are those actually called? 


These videos are my favorite way to check out models, because you get to hear their voices, then see them pose in a really simple setting. Like seeing polas, but better. I've kinda gotten obsessed over trying to find these.


My favorites I've found so far:


http://vimeo.com/22297071 - gerda-marie mare

http://vimeo.com/30903378 - nicole trunfio

- frankie rayder

- bianca balti

- katia zygoul

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcvypGcb2zw - candice swanepoel

- mischa barton


Anyone have some of these to share?

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