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Steffy Argelich


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Cover story for Numéro Tokyo March 2015


Photographers: Mauro Mongiello & Sofia Sanchez
Stylist: Felipe Mendes at Talent and Partner (Paris/New York City)
Hair: Cyril Laloue at Julian Watson Agency
Make-up: Lloyd Simmonds at Tim Howard Management
Manicure: Alexandra Janowski at ArtList


Models: Steffy Argelich + Anna Grostina + Maria Veranen

Source: visualoptimism.blogspot.com




nLMFzfzl.jpg 3ILgTY0Y.jpg


hHUErNYy.jpg uqbRpgTN.jpg


blU58kro.jpg 8Nm90gVO.jpg


QYa85rvq.jpg CMopo59B.jpg


17yW6HMK.jpg iEIrRfKQ.jpg


fQKwDvxa.jpg gQTsUOtT.jpg


1TDw7wMy.jpg Za2UYSVs.jpg


NUu76zGn.jpg ReXUaI3T.jpg


qXI4W6Rc.jpg To1pYAiF.jpg


SqhntJpL.jpg EhUhaxQY.jpg


ZHZ8hI9m.jpg Fuieywl6.jpg

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