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Christian Jorgensen


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Hello everyone !


I was browsing through Amazon UK's store when I came across this dashing brown-haired male model with a beard. I was thus wondering if anyone knows who it happens to be (if this model has been spotted anywhere then on Amazon.co.uk) ?


Here is the model I am looking for :




Thanks to anyone willing to help (:


~ HB.

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Hi there, Pip Prophet !


Thank you very much for the suggestion, however, I have a feeling that the man I am looking for is not Christian. :/ Comparing this photo : http://www.bellazon.com/main/uploads/monthly_01_2013/post-34874-0-44653200-1358805484.jpg


To the bottom photo on the left-side of the amazon promotion, the facial features don't seem to match


Thanks for the help though, but I'd be glad if you (or someone else) had any other thoughts on who this might be,


Have a nice day,


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when i opened the link i saw only Christian...if you mean other model,please provide more specific link(or make prtinscreen) :)

otherwise it is 10000000000000 % Christian.I cannot mistook his face.never ;)

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