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Antonio Guzzo

fashion wiz

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Men(u) Crave: Antonio Guzzo of Fleetwood Pizzeria

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

After graduating college I continued to play football—American football (the game with the helmet, shoulder pads and tackling)—overseas in Europe. Anyways, after five years of that I am calling it quits. Now, along with working at the family pizzeria, I’m trying to get a little acting and commercial modeling career started.

Full Article- http://intoxikate.com/fleetwood-pizzeria/

FleetwoodPizza5.jpg FleetwoodPizza6.jpg fleetwoodpizza1.jpg FleetwoodPizza8.jpg FleetwoodPizza2.jpg FleetwoodPizza4.jpg
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Westchester Most Eligible Singles: Antonio Guzzo

Age: 29 Into: Women Location: Sleepy Hollow Relationship history: Never married,no kids Profession: Family-owned pizzeria employee; part-time model/actor Claim to fame: Played football for the Rostock Griffins in Germany Random fact: Directionally challenged except in Sleepy Hollow and Italy Hobbies: Exercise—running, walking, weight training, competitive sports—and landscaping Childhood idol: Football player Jerry Rice

Full Article- http://www.westchestermagazine.com/Westchester-Magazine/October-2013/Westchester-Most-Eligible-Singles-Antonio-Guzzo/

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