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Une Lottering


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Where are you living these days?

I am still in CT, but travelling so much these days that I don’t really know where home is anymore ha ha!

Are you still modelling?

Yes and I am enjoying it so much. I am off to Germany, UK and Paris in the beginning April and am so excited about that.


Tell us about your clothing range?

My clothing range is doing great!!! We have just started importing a new rangecalled Indah clothing and it goes so well with my brand Lolavie. Sand, surf, sun and smiles is what the vibe of my range is all about! After all, I am a true JBay girl.

For the record (and the single guys) are you single?

I’m NOT single. I am seeing a great guy from Durban…


What are your future plans?

I’m very happy at the moment and am busy building up my business in Cape Town , traveling the world and doing some modelling for fun !

My future plans – I want to take over the fashion world with Lolavie and never stop traveling and hopefully soon be on Victoria’s secret catwalk.

JBay will always be my home and I try go see my family as much as possible-. There is nothing better than a home cooked meals and the Jbay beaches and air….hehe.

If you in Cape Town please come pop by our store at 19 Kent Road Salt Circle Woodstock and check out our range of clothing.

See you on the beach!!




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Im a strong believer in 'clean & lean' eating! all things natural,organic and from the earth given to us are what we need to fuel our bodies with.


My name is Une, I have been in the modelling/Fashion industry for 5 years now,learning and seeing a lot of 'bad eating' habits and also learning a lot about 'good eating' habits. I have done so much research about organic products,and all the 'CRAP' they out in GMO foods and home products, so i have decided to share all my information with you and teach you all there is to know about clean living.Follow my page and see all my natural,organic health & beauty secrets. From exercise to eating right, i aim to help you gain your ultimate clean & lean body by teaching you what your body needs,and how to nourish your body and love the skin your in! I share my beauty tricks and tips,and my exercise regime. Delicious smoothies,green juices and wholesome meals for your whole family even healthy snacks for the kiddies. Im all about raw clean eating,its a lifestyle



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