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Renee Felice Smith


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Renée Felice Smith (born January 16, 1985)


Renee's first acting gig was a national television commercial for Dannon yogurt at age 6. She was cast for a sitcom on The CW tentatively titled "Wyoming", but only a pilot was produced since the project was not picked up by the network. She was then cast to appear as Nell Jones on NCIS: Los Angeles. Initially only planned to be a recurring character, Smith's role was expanded to main character status after impressing the producers with her acting. In 2011, she appeared as a supporting character 'Missy' in Detatchment

In 2012 Renee started co-creating a children's book series based on her French bulldog, Hugo.



NCIS: Los Angeles 100th episode celebration, Hollywood, Aug 23 '13


 post-72476-0-1446058461-21606_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058461-84745_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058461-86443_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058461-89717_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058461-92483_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058461-95259_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058461-975_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058461-99711_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-04046_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-14508_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-18326_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-22462_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-2515_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-29045_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-32733_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-36217_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-41201_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-45711_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-49839_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-54388_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-58323_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-59367_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-61226_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-63793_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-66728_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-68111_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-70867_thumb.jpg post-72476-0-1446058462-76381_thumb.jpg

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