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Lera Pentelute


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Lera Pentelute


Nationality: American/Ukrainian
Hair Color:   Brown
Eye Color:   Green
Date of Birth: ?
Height: 5'7" / 170cm
Measurements:   (US) 32-24-35 ; (EU) 81-61-89
Agency: Next management LA


She has her personal fashion blog


She did some work for American apparel in 2012. In 2013 she's modeling for planet blue.


r4380pd_04.jpg rnt48pa_yellowfloral.jpg rsaglf1_02.jpg rsaglf1_black.jpg rsaglf2_black.jpg rsaglf3_black.jpg rsa0344_06.jpg rsadm300_06.jpg
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C-Heads Magazine

Venice Hangs

What a fantastic story shot exclusive for C-Heads by photographer Alessandro Casagrande! Model Lera Pentelute @ NEXT Models Los Angeles truly shines in “Venice Hangs”, with all her youthful beauty and energy and you cannot help but falling in love with her. Let alone this fantastic, colourful and vibrant location in L.A, we wanna have all of it – the beach, the blue sky and that fabulous bus. Alessandro and Lera, you guys rock!.

post-56515-0-1446089660-84249_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089660-86276_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089660-91237_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089660-9329_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089660-95253_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089660-97529_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-00539_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-04071_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-06104_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-08209_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-11455_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-12681_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-14034_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-17151_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-21084_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-2272_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-25342_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-26781_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-29858_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-34306_thumb.jpg post-56515-0-1446089661-37659_thumb.jpg

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