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Betiana Wolenberg

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Betiana Wolenberg

Date of Birth: november/december 1987, I couldn't find the exact date (thanks for any info)

Place of Birth: Misiones, Argentina

Agency: Dotto Models, Argentina

Height: 1,73 m / 5'8"

Weight: 52 Kg / 114 lb

Hair: Chestnut / Light Brown

Eyes: Light Brown

Campaigns: Wanama, Kosiuko, Martina di Trento

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Not many people outside Argentina know her. Hope you like what you see.. I just love her.

alukrdffascans0339nx.th.jpg alukrdffascans0351li.th.jpg alukrdffascans0812ri.th.jpg alukrdffascans1294lz.th.jpg alukrdffascans1347vd.th.jpg alukrdscansffaluz024tw.th.jpg alukrdscansffaluz036zr.th.jpg alukrdscansffaluz076br.th.jpg max200503xmantecbetiana019em.th.jpg max200503xmantecbetiana021ld.th.jpg max200503xmantecbetiana030ws.th.jpg max200503xmantecbetiana097gp.th.jpg 3001g8lv.th.jpg mrbiffs1447mdt8xh.th.jpg mrbiffs1448mdt2nn.th.jpg

Credit to Alukrd, xmantec and Mr Biff for the scans.

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Martina Di Trento catalog..


Swimsuit Photoshoot...

post-15092-1284933942_thumb.jpg post-15092-1284933954_thumb.jpg post-15092-1284933964_thumb.jpg post-15092-1284933976_thumb.jpg post-15092-1285012604_thumb.jpg post-15092-1285012649_thumb.jpgpost-15092-1285012781_thumb.jpg post-15092-1285012760_thumb.jpg

Credits Mr Biff - F.F.A.

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