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Sophia Ahrens

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Born/live in

"I was born in Hamburg, Germany. I grew up in England, moved around a lot (including Italy). I currently live in Germany."

How and why did you start modeling?

"I was scouted by Union Models when I was 12 years old, whilst on a Christmas shopping trip with a friend. I stayed in contact with the agency over the years, and then, with the support of my parents and an amazing agency crew, I decided to give modeling a go, to grab the opportunity that life presented and just go for it. I love acting and becoming different characters, which has a lot to do with modeling!"

You think fashion is...

"It's a form of art created by very talented people. Inspiring."

How is your style?

"My style…I would have to say that I love a bit of tom-boy clothes, my style is quite simple. it normally consists of a baggy T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. But when I am at home, nothing beats a pair of comfy sweatpants!"

Who is your favourite fashion designer?

"I can´t say, there are just too many creative, artistic people."

Who is your favourite icon/top model?

"My Grandmother the most…Miranda Hart -(such fun!!); Patrick Swayze, Michael Jackson, among many others. I don´t have a favourite Topmodel- too many beautiful women out there!"

Your favourite city/country?

"I can´t really say, there are too many places I haven´t seen (yet), but I love Italy, Hamburg, Denmark, England, New York…"

Your favourite film/book/song?

"Hard to say…. I love The Bucket List, Pretty Woman -always a classic, anything that will make me laugh! I love reading as well as listening to music, but don´t really have a favorite book or song."

What are your future projects?

"Make the most of life and be happy."

What is your biggest dream?

"To make it into the Hip-hop crew at my dance school."

Tell us something special about yourself.

"I´m a positive person, almost always in a good mood and I always try to make the most out of situations. I love meeting new people and taking on a new challenge."

Tell us your happiest memory.

"There are many… But one which always makes me laugh includes me sneaking upstairs whilst my sister, Hannah, was listening to classical Music (Vivaldi) and hiding behind the door making really horrible high-pitched squeaky sounds on my violin! We couldn´t stop laughing."

What do you love the most?

"I love laughing, sports, dancing but my family definitely comes first."




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