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Angela McCluskey


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Biography from AngelRecords.com

Angela McCluskey swooped into my life in 1997. That’s what she does; she swoops into your world, as if from another epoch, all big hats and velvet and a dense Scottish slur. I was transformed, touched; she possessed an inexplicable magnetism, an infinite energy, scattering practical advice, poetry, Dorothy Parker-isms, and foul-mouthed jokes like fairy-dust. The force of her personality alone is enough to make her legendary, but here’s the thing: when she sings, only then will she righteously kick your ass.

I could cite gushers like this: “The striking vocals of Angela McCluskey will make you remember the first time you heard Miles blow his horn or Billie sing the blues.” (Hits Magazine) That’s not inaccurate. People bandy phrases like this around, but let it be known that Angela McCluskey is no less than the real deal.

Angela hails from Glasgow, Scotland; a lovely, scary town. Scarier still, she wasn’t exactly encouraged to become a vocalist. “I used to sing so I could stay up late,” says Angela. “I'd do 'Summertime' or something and then (my family would) throw me back in bed. Singing's just not a big deal there, so nobody ever turns 'round and goes, 'Yo ...[more]


The Things We Do [post-47-0-1446124377-70109_thumb.jpg]

Release date: 05.18.04

Label: Manhattan

01. It's Been Done

02. Somebody Got Lucky

03. Love Is Stronger Than Death

04. Know It All

05. A Thousand Drunken Dreams

06. Sleep On It

07. Perfect Girl Eleven

08. Wrong Side

09. Dirty Pearl

10. Sucker

11. This Night

12. Long Live I

13. Hidden Song

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Singer Angela McCluskey, On Her Own

Scottish singer-songwriter Angela McCluskey has a cult following. But she's probably most widely known through a car promotion; her voice is the one you hear on Telepopmusik's song "Breathe," an ad for Mitsubishi.

"Car commercials are the only way anybody's ever going to hear your music anymore," she tells NPR's Jennifer Ludden. "They're the only people taking any chances."

And McCluskey is trying to make the most out of the chance the ad has given her. The former lead singer of the Wild Colonials has released her debut solo CD, The Things We Do, to high acclaim. Recorded in only a few days in New York and Sweden, the album showcases McCluskey's extraordinary, raw vocals.

While the CD includes some upbeat pop tunes -- notably the first single, "It's Been Done" -- McCluskey confesses to preferring the more depressing, melancholy songs. "Give me a good ol' dose of misery anyday," she says, "I think it's a Scottish thing."

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Introducing ... Angela McCluskey, singer

WITH a schedule that has seen five countries in four days, you would expect Angela McCluskey to be tired. But she’s bubbly and chatty and it seems like she’s having a ball. After years of living in the US, her husky Glaswegian accent has "a hint of the Sheena Easton", as her sister puts it. Her music has been described as "a blend of urban, jazz and blues, all with a melodic pop twist", and, when pushed, she cites Al Green, Gladys Knight and Dean Martin as influences.

Already popular in America, McCluskey has worked with Cyndi Lauper and Deep Forest, and counts Lisa Marie Presley, Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow as friends. It’s the Scottish vibe that appeals to the rich and famous, she reckons. "I’m not necessarily impressed by them. If I admire them, I admire them."

But her upcoming performance before REM in New York has left her feeling a bit starry. "My whole family is coming over. It is a dream come true," she says. She has another dream that sets her apart. "I’ve toured America for some time now, but I would love to play in Scotland."

Angela McCluskey’s debut solo album, The Things We Do, is out now.

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