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Silvina Noelia Luna Stavrópulos (born June 21, 1980) is an Argentine model, actress and vedette comico born in Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina.


After finishing school at the age of 17, she moved to Buenos Aires and worked as a secretary and a model. She later lived in Miami for a year, before returning to Argentina, where she appeared as a participant on Big Brother 2.

She currently works with the modeling agency of Ricardo Piñeiro.

She has taken theatre classes with Julio Chavez, and has guest-starred in some TV shows.

Silvina Luna (Argentinian Model) wearing tight jeans and showing her bra in a photo session:

abbQLC51.jpg acwW9cD6.jpg acvjqjh6.jpg adtgIkzs.jpg abmCxkJI.jpg acq0H40b.jpg acq7Gbwx.jpg ace27W2I.jpg abcmYOAL.jpg acnT8P9M.jpg ablSK4FS.jpg admXbPZ0.jpg abt7A1bD.jpg

Download: (14,51 MB - 0 min 48 secs - 1280x720 - MP4)



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