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Miyanda Jacobs-Newton


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  • 1 year later...

How were you discovered?

While walking to basketball practice one afternoon a scout came up to me and asked me if I was interested in becoming a model for Dulcedo Model Management. As I didn't know exactly what that was I ended up having a meeting with Dulcedo, meeting the whole crew and got signed shortly afterwards.

What are the best characteristics of your Canadian agent?

My Canadian agent makes me feel comfortable, while pushing me to do the best with a smile on the face at all times.

Famous person of the fashion world you would like to meet?

I'd like to meet Tyra Banks, because I grew up watching her on TV and I admire her. Her class, success, confidence and ambition to never give up.

You go on holiday with a famous person - Where do you go and who do you pick to accompany you?

I'd go to India along with Tyra.

One song that always manages to make you happy?

One Love by Bob Marley!

Besides modeling - Which profession would you like to pursue?

I'd like to be a professional chef!

What would you say is the most important thing you've learned due to modeling?

The most important thing I've learned in modeling is confidence.

Let's talk about movies! Where do you see yourself?

More so as a fan of Harry Potter.

Digital diamonds.de

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Photographer: Marie H. Rainville (www.mariehrainville.com - Represented by Judy Inc)

Stylist: Catherine Simard

Makeup and Hair: Amelie Bruneau Longpre (Represented by GLOSS Artistes Inc)

Model: Miyanda - Dulcedo Models

Stylist Assistant: Rick Patenaude

post-40197-0-1446166821-40125_thumb.jpg post-40197-0-1446166821-41928_thumb.jpg post-40197-0-1446166821-4261_thumb.jpg post-40197-0-1446166821-43254_thumb.jpg post-40197-0-1446166821-44154_thumb.jpg post-40197-0-1446166821-45132_thumb.jpg post-40197-0-1446166821-46576_thumb.jpg post-40197-0-1446166821-49178_thumb.jpg

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