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Talis Kyra


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From Models.com

''Ghent girl Talis kickstarted her career last season, when she walked for Acne, Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders, and Antonio Berardi in London. Getting into modelling after graduating university with a degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture, up until then Talis had been more interested in backpacking and windsurfing than fashion. But after realising she could be that “it” girl on the catwalk, Talis left the highly commercial Belgian market behind for the world of high fashion – and today in Paris, Talis will walk for a prestigious major label. Boyish, edgy, a little bit tough, and oh-so-current, this Belgian babe heralds the return of the statuesque blonde.''

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Talis Kyra, 21, NYFW Veteran, Supreme Management, Belgium

Q: What’s available to you in the model lounge?

There’s Wi-Fi, there’s a phone you can use to call mommy. There’s Xbox, magazines. There are the other models to socialize [with], food, drinks. There’s workshops, with walking lessons, casting directors coming by, there’s everything!

Q: What are you wearing today?

My Gucci sneakers, worn out. This T-shirt is vintage. I bought it a long time ago. My bag is Tory. The shorts are H&M.

Q: What are you most looking forward to once Fashion Week is over?

I go home and sleep for sure. But I look forward to Fashion Week. I kind of like the hassle around it and the whole vibe. Everybody’s just freaking and stressing out. I like it, I’m ready.


Bek Andersen

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