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Emma Bunton


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Remember her? Baby Spice!


Full name: Emma Lee Bunton.

Date of birth: 21st January 1976.

Star sign: Aquarius.

Height: 5' 2" (1.57m).

Hair colour: She is a NATURAL Blonde.

Eyes: Blue (I mean, you knew that, right?)

Fears: Prison and loneliness.

Fave word: Candy floss.

Fave spice: Cinnamon.

Fave jewellery: Charm bracelet.

Fave saying: "Home is where the heart is!"

Fave colour: Pink. She once said "I don't think I will ever get tired of wearing pink.", Emma is definitely a very Girlie Girl...

Loves: Sweets, especially bonbons and doughnuts, her mum, hugging, laughing, and catchy clothes.

Hates: Artificial doughnuts with powder on top instead of sugar.

Ambition: Eating 100 donuts in 10 minutes.

Ideal man: "I hate a macho sort who doesn't cry. They have to be a bit sensitive, don't they? One guy even said to me at a pub, "Do you come here often?" That's an awful line.", said she likes men with an olive Mediterranean complexion.

Motto: "Be sweet and honest always, but for God's sake don't eat my doughnuts!"

Shoe size: Best estimates would suggest she is a 6 to 7. (UK size).

Fave music: She likes Garage and House.

Nicknames: Baby Spice (You knew that I hope!), Kung Fu Candy and Angelica after the cartoon character from Rugrats, because of the spooky resemblance with her. She was also called Emmie and Barbie at school.

Born: Barnet in north London, and grew up just down the road in east Finchley, now lives in Hadley Wood near Barnet. When Emma lived in Finchley, it was in a flat so she didn't even have a garden. She is pleased that she has been able to buy her mum a house, and now she has a garden! Trevor still lives in the family flat near Finchley fire station

Family: Emma's farther Trevor separated from mum Pauline when she was eleven. "Everyone says, "It was the worst time of my life.", but it wasn't really." claims Emma. Her father was a milkman and Emma would sometimes go on rounds with him to help out. She now lives with her brother Paul James and her mother, whom she calls her "hero". Mum Pauline runs a Gojukai Karate club and has trained Emma to a "very high standard". Emma also has a half brother called Robert.

Primary school: St Theresa's Roman Catholic.

Secondary: Sylvia Young Theatre School. This theatre school is responsible for many of Britons popular celebs including: Denise Van Outen, Dani Behr, Samatha Janus. At the age of 14, her parents could no longer afford sending her to the school so she had to withdraw and attend a normal school. Talking about attending a normal secondary school Emma said ". . the shock to my system was scary. I cried so much . .". Then, three weeks later, the stage school phoned and offered her a scholarship. Emma's definitely had her share of good fortune. When Emma was 16 she left Sylvia Young and began a 2 year drama course at Barnet Technical College. She also studied Goju, a form or martial arts, and choreographed the karate moves in the video Say You'll Be There.

Previous jobs: Her dream was to be a dancer, however, a back injury at 14 caused her to give it up and pursue a career as an actress, once auditioning for the part of Bianca, who is now a popular character in top soap EastEnders. She has been in a number of adverts including ones for tooth paste and the Halifax building society were she was a bridesmaid on a giant wedding cake made up of people. Emma won a beauty contest at the age of 3 and started modeling, she was a model for Mothercare. She was always performing for her little friends and loved to play-act. As a teenager, Emma once appeared in an anti-smoking poster, (see it in the picture gallery). She appeared in the top UK soap Eastenders as a young tearaway and teen magazine 'Top Chat' in a photo-story as a karate student who had a crush on her teacher.

Idols: Along with the other Spice Girls, Emma's idol is Madonna and as a child she would dress up like her and mimic her songs.

Upon hearing Olivia Newton-John singing 'Hopelessly Devoted' when she was very young, Emma said to her Mum that she wanted to be a singer!

Personality: She's the bubbly blonde in bunches who looks pure and innocent but she can be just as wild as the other girls. "I once streaked down a corridor in a hotel.", she said. Oh ah!

Hobbies: "Eating doughnuts and buying underwear. I wear leather underwear!"

Fancies: "Rick Witter, who's the lead singer of Shed Seven, Johnny Depp, and George Clooney." She also likes Leonardo DiCaprio, although she has said that he is probably a little to boyish for her. Apparently Leo sent her a little love note saying that he wants her to be his Juliet (Cheesy...). Once said she liked David Wicks (Michael French) from BBC's EastEnders.

Quotes: "Being in this band is like having four (three now) older sisters. They all look after me and I couldn't dream of leaving them."

"Be sweet, be good, and honest always."

"Be yourself, take control of your life."

Tattoo: She either has 'Emma', 'Baby Spice' or 'BA - BY' tattooed somewhere, but the question is where? Rumour has it that it is on her bum. One things for sure though, It was done in Los Angeles, California at Universal Tattoo, where Cher got her's done. Some people believe that she has 'Baby' on one cheek and 'Spice' on the other. Cheeky...

Pet Dog's Name Candy

Production Company Was Fijou Productions, now Monsta Productions.

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