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Daniela Bobadilla


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Daniela Bobadilla (born April 4, 1993) is a Mexican teen actress who most recently was featured in Mr. Troop Mom with George Lopez, portraying his daughter, Naomi, as well as in an episode of Smallville. She is currently appearing in her most high-profile role to date as Sam Goodson, the daughter of Dr. Charlie Goodson played by Charlie Sheen in the new TV sitcom, Anger Management.

Source : wikipedia

FOX All-Star Party in West Hollywood (July 23, 2012)

mini-20120803-1395-18756.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18757.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18758.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18759.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18760.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18761.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18762.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18763.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18764.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18765.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18766.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18767.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18768.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18769.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18770.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18771.jpg mini-20120803-1395-18772.jpg

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