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Marylin Saldana Condezo


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High Fashion!! New Face !!

First Name: Marylin

Last Name: Saldana

Nationality: Peruvian

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Brown

Place of Birth: Lima, Peru

Height: 5'10" ; 178cm

Age: 13 years old

Mother Agency:

* Monica Chacon Agency - Lima


- Her full name is Marylin Nicolle Saldaña Condezo

- She was 1st runner-up of the 2011 Elite Model Look contest of Peru.


Adolfo Dominguez S/S 2012 - Lima

post-44248-0-1446104206-3036_thumb.jpg post-44248-0-1446104206-34877_thumb.jpg

Custo Barcelona F/W 2011 - Lima (12 years old)

post-44248-0-1446104206-36004_thumb.jpg post-44248-0-1446104206-38737_thumb.jpg post-44248-0-1446104206-41874_thumb.jpg post-44248-0-1446104206-45791_thumb.jpg

Somos Magazine July 2011

Ed: "Fina Estampa"

Photo: Miguel Jose Flores

Fashion Styling & Art Direction: Antonio Choy-Kay & Gerardo Larrea

Production: Elefante Producciones

post-44248-0-1446104206-48763_thumb.jpg post-44248-0-1446104206-5168_thumb.jpg


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