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Atelier Versace- Haute Couture F/ W 2012-13 - Paris


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Models in consecutive order,from left to right

1-Lindsey Wixson

2-Kasia Struss

3-Kolfinna Kristofersdottir

4-Kinga Rajzak

5-Anna Selezneva

6-Ginta Lapina

7-Zuzanna Bijoch

8-Frida Gustavsson

9-Sigrid Agren

10 Ella Kandyba

12-Nimue Smit

13-Julia Nobis

14-Aymeline Valade

15-Josephine Skriver

16-Viktoriya "Vika" Falileeva

17-Stef van der Laan.Thanx SL

18-Andreea Diaconu

19-Monika Jagaciak

20-Karlie Kloss

21-Bette Franke

22-Kate King

23-Iris Egbers

24-Ava Smith

25-Elza Luijendijk

26-Kati Nescher

Edited by Mahi
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I didn't like it too along with that of Bouchra Jarrar,both so disappointing,I only posted coz they are something new,but both are disastrous indeed,especially Jarrar.

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You're welcome :flower:

Thanx for the ID SL, :hug:,I edited the post and added her name,and made small thank u note for you :PinkCouture2:

I really wanted to know her coz never,for me,saw her before.

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