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so yea.....dont fuck with the cops


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i just got back from my high school's state hockey game (lost....first loss since 2002...we were like 130something/0) and there were many, many fights. accompanying the fights were many, many police officers.....with many, many cans of mace and lots of sticks. i know several people who got maced and heard of people getting beaten to the ground with night sticks. then during the game security guards were kicking the shit out of people....one kid got head butted by a security guard and royally fucked up.

the worst was definately the fight outside...huge pack of cbc (my school) and oakville.....within about 15 seconds of the fight beginning there were countless security guards and at least 4 cops with 3 or 4 more squad cars arriving along with a police van....soon after the cops got into the crowd, i saw 3 beams of pepper spray blasting people in the face, one poor bastard got 2 of them. by the time i got to my car.....the dogs were loose and we were gone.

all in all, pretty fucking funny.

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