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Michelle Wie


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I think she's really pretty. She's going to Stanford in the fall down the street from me. But from I've seen in the media recently, she isn't coming off as very nice. But it was an odd situation in the first place, and the media can be quite harsh and cloud the publics' perception. I'm sure she's a nice girl in real life. I'd like to have a girlfriend like her. :wub:

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she's a few years younger than Sharapova... I wouldn't be surprised if she starts modeling soon. she seems pretty focused on winning something first, but perhaps after that, she can start putting her energy into modeling, and forget tennis, like Maria did (and some other Russian 'tennis' girl before her)

mmm, maria won winbledon and the us open, and she's been in the top five female player for at least a year and a half, she's currently n°2. You can't really say she forgot tennis. :blink:

Personally, i'm very skeptical about wie's future performances, she's pretty, but she hasn't won anything or for what matters been anywhere near winning anything, so she's young, but there is a generation of young female golfers who are really good. Morgan pressel is just 19 and she won one lpga major already.

So more than sharapova, who actually has a tennis carreer and a modeling carreer, i'd compare her to Anna Kournikova, who started like she could be a great model and a great ahlete but ended up being neither of those things.

Wie also seems to have relational problems with the rest of the players on the circuit, and that's never good. But we'll see, hopefully she'll turn things around.

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