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UK girl group

Heidi Range


Born: 23rd May 1983

Heidi Range joined the Sugababes in autumn 2001 after the departure of Siobhan. When Heidi first went to the auditions she didn't know exactly what she was auditioning for. She was one of five girls picked to sing and dance in front of Keisha and Mutya. Keisha admits at first they weren't sure about Heidi when she entered the room, blonde haired, blue-eyed girl, ex-Atomic Kitten member, but can she sing?

They were blown away by her voice and chose her to be in the band.

Heidi began singing at an early age. Her first show was when she was three and she performed "Hey Little Hen" at the Neptune Theatre in Liverpool where she is from.

When she was 15 she was in a band with Liz and Kerry from Atomic Kitten but left before they made it big because the music wasn't the type she wanted to sing. She nearly got picked to be in the band Scooch and recorded some solo tracks before joining the Sugababes. At aged 18 she joined the Sugababes and made one of her first appearances with the group at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2001.

Keisha Buchanan


Born: 30th September 1984

Co-founding member Keisha Buchanan used to practice her singing when she was younger by recording her voice on a tape recorder as her parents couldn't afford singing lessons. Keisha gave up singing for a little while when she was around 8 but her passion soon came back after she met Mutya.

Keisha first saw Mutya performing on Michael Barrymore's show and admired her because she was the same age and could sing. When Keisha and her family moved to Kingsbury in North West London she was put in the same class as Mutya. After a couple of days the girls became friends and made a gang called 'The Love Gang' where they'd talk about boys.

Amelle Berrabah


22nd April 1984

Amelle joined the Sugababes in December 2005, following the departure of founder member Mutya Buena.

Amelle is from Aldershot in Hampshire and is of Moroccan descent. She commented upon joining the band: "For years I've dreamt of breaking into the music business but never did I dream of waking up one day to be the third Sugababe! They're the biggest girl group in the country and absolutely the only band I would ever think about joining. When their manager approached me with the offer, I was in such a state of shock that I couldn't even answer him! Like millions of girls my age, I've grown up with Sugababes' music as a soundtrack to my life and I've been a fan of theirs for years. I still can't believe my luck!"

(profiles from Sugababes Generation)


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