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Bulk Download Programs?

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Hello! I was just curious if anyone knew of anygood programs for downloading HQ pictures from websites in bulk? I love posting things of some-what quality on here, but I hate going through websites for hours to download every picture. Thanks in advance! :wave:

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OK, so now I'm down on my knees PLEADING for someone to please give me the name of a program of at least a tutorial on how I can get every single HQ image from a page of thumbnails on say Macy's or Nordstom's websites without having to open every single thumbnail and changing the URL and saving the picture and repeating; It takes too damn long and all I want are good quality pictures of some of my favorite models. So, please, please, PLEASE if you know a way, let me know and I swear to God and Buddha and all the other deities that I will forever be in your service.


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I don´t know if it works for Catalogsites but for many Sites you can get the Add On > Downthemall < for FIREFOX

mark the Tumbs and with one Click get all.

For Imagevenue/Imagebam etc Sites you can also add Downthemall AND Anti Container.



there is also a Tool called Bulkimagedownloader ( cost Money but i remember in the Past there was a free Version where Download was limited to 200 Pics),dont know exactly..just google..

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I think I figured out how to do it with DownThemAll! Jude :chicken:

It's not completely automated, but it'll save a lot of time. Just tried it on the Macy's site and it worked :ddr:

1. Get the DownThemAll! add-on for Firefox if you don't have it already

2. Go to the page you want to trawl, eg: http://www1.macys.com/shop/womens/apparel/swim?id=8699&edge=hybrid

3. Right-click and start DownThemAll!

4. It'll open a window with a bunch of links, and two tabs up the top - "Links" and "Pictures and Media". Select "Pictures and Media"

5. Down the bottom, you'll see a bunch of checkboxes underneath "Filters". Make sure these are all unchecked

6. Under "Fast filtering", type .tif

7. In the main window, it should have ticked the URLs to all the product thumbnails on that page, including the alternate/back views

8. Type the path of where you want the images to save, in the "Save Files in" textbox

9. Hit Start!

10. It should open up another window to show the download progress as it grabs all the thumbnails. Let it run through until they're all finished

11. Still in that window, select all the completed downloads with Ctrl+A

12. Right-click, and choose Advanced > Export Selected to File. Choose "Text Files" as the type, and save the file

13. Now you have a list of all the thumbnail URLs in a text file. Open it in a text editor

14. Do a Search & Replace to change the URLs to point to the full sized versions. eg. In the Macys example, Search & Replace ".tif?$filtermed$&wid=164" with ".tif?hei=2000". Or you can use the scl=1 code, or whatever (I find the "hei" one less problematic)

15. Save the file

16. Delete the thumbnails that were downloaded

17. Go back to the second DTA! window. Select all the downloads again and right-click to choose "Remove Downloads"

18. Right-click in the window again, and go to Advanced > Import from File

19. Choose "Text Files" as the type, and find the list of URLs you just modified

20. Hit Start! again, and watch as all the HQs download :)

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^ Wow! Thanks do much for the tutorial don! I haven't had time to try it but I'm sure it works and I'm sure it works all the same for websites that have the same basic URL writing. Once again, thanks don and, like I said before, I am forever in your service! :chicken:

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If you had install Downthemall,then you can install Anticontainer (my second Link above),and that is a Addon for a Addon :nicole:

with that you can mark all Pictures on a Site from Imagehosters like Imagevenue,Imagebam,turboimagehost,imageupper etc and then download all of them as HQ with one Click..

Sometimes (dont know why) you only get Thumbs,then change to > download Links < instead of >download Pics < and it works.

It´s a little bit tricky,but if you work few Times with it for testing,then you know how to do.. :gocho:

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Ok, so, sort along these same lines, the DTA method works really well for me as far as downloading mass amounts of images from websites, but when in comes to the Nordstroms website, DTA can only detect the images that immediately linked on the page. That means, images at the bottom of the page that haven't loaded yet and alt images aren't accounted for. I think on the right track to figuring out how to download ALL the images from a page (Including the alts and stuff), but, truth be told, I'm not as good at code and computer stuff as I crack myself up to be.

So, when I scour through the page source, you find something like this:

<div data-fashion-image-url="/18/_7617098.jpg" data-alt-image-url="/12/_7617112.jpg" class="fashion-photo"><div><img alt="Frenchi Scoop Neck Tee (Juniors)" data-original="http://g.nordstromimage.com/imagegallery/store/product/Medium/18/_7617098.jpg" />

What that means is that URL for the primary product image is http://g.nordstromim...18/_7617098.jpg and, by extracting the code from "data-alt-image-url" part, the alt product image is http://g.nordstromimage.com/imagegallery/store/product/Zoom/12/_7617112.jpg

Ok, so I really hope that you're still following me here. So anyway, does anybody know of a way that I can extract all those "/12/_7617112.jpg" code pieces and then just attach them at the end of the website's base code so I can download all the images on the page? Thanks so much in advance if you're actually following me here and can give me a coherent answer! :laugh::hug:

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I use orbitdownloader although I just can add list <1000, there are other downloader (forgot it's name) that can download more but it tends to lag (too much list) on my system.

I use them mainly for VS images because most of their image only consist of V + numbers, although some of their images consist of other letters. Wish I can get all images on their server, LOL.

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