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BabyButcher    0

Kelly Palcy


height: 179

bust: 86

waist: 63

hips: 88

shoe size: 41

Seeing this girl pop up every now and again as of recently. Don't know much else than she is signed with WOMEN MANAGEMENT in Paris. I like her look quite a lot and thought she should have her own topic, in hope that she'll get much more work we can add here in the near future. Here's what I could find of her so far, mostly from womenmanagement.fr, but also a bit from tumblr.

post-42882-0-1446108257-55503_thumb.jpg c7bd33182918808.jpg post-42882-0-1446108257-5978_thumb.jpg post-42882-0-1446108257-63565_thumb.jpg

post-42882-0-1446108257-65694_thumb.jpg 9f8018182918829.jpg post-42882-0-1446108257-71072_thumb.jpg post-42882-0-1446108257-75195_thumb.jpg

post-42882-0-1446108257-78045_thumb.jpg post-42882-0-1446108257-80287_thumb.jpg post-42882-0-1446108257-83165_thumb.jpg post-42882-0-1446108257-84951_thumb.jpg

post-42882-0-1446108257-89528_thumb.jpg post-42882-0-1446108257-93584_thumb.jpg post-42882-0-1446108257-9603_thumb.jpg post-42882-0-1446108257-96526_thumb.jpg

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