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Tamera Mowry


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Tamera Mowry

Identical twin Tamera Mowry starred opposite her sibling Tia on the popular sitcom Sister, Sister both in its original ABC Friday-night run and later during its four-year stint on the WB network. This stardom arrived at the tail end of several one-shot prime-time series appearances and commercial appearances that began during the actress' preteen years.

During the Sister, Sister period and for years afterward, the Mowrys broke the mold of standard twin and triplet actors by appearing together in films and television programs, in lieu of forking off into different paths. They co-headlined the family-oriented comedy Seventeen Again (2000), the teen movie The Hot Chick (2002), and the 2005 Disney Channel telemovie Twitches (a kind of rehash of the Sister, Sister premise with an occult twist, which spawned a sequel in 2007), but also essayed individual roles from time to time. Circa 2000, Tamera struck out on her own, starring in the Billy Graham-produced Christian telemovie Something to Sing About, alongside Graham, Darius McCrary, Kirk Franklin, and Irma P. Hall. She also joined the cast of the popular Lifetime medical drama Strong Medicine during that show's fifth and sixth seasons, as Kayla Thornton, a young physician from a rural area who arrives as a first-year resident at Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Women's Health Clinic.

From hollywood.com...

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