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Raoul Trujillo

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Jose Raoul Trujillo is an American actor, dancer, choreographer and artist of Apache, French, Spanish Moor and Spanish Jew descent. He is a former soloist with the Nikolais Dance Theatre and the original choreographer and co-director for the American Indian Dance Theatre. He is the host for a series of dancing programs. Trujillo's career spans more than 30 years in film and theatre. He is perhaps best known for playing the villain in the Mel Gibson film Apocalypto.


Divided Loyalties (1989) a Gemini winning Canadian production

Scanners II: The New Order (1991) as Peter Drak

Black Robe (1991) as Kiotseaton

Clearcut (1991) as Eugene

The Adjuster (1991) as Matthew, his lover

Montréal vu par... (1992)

Paris, France (1993) as Minter

Trial at Fortitude Bay (1994)

Highlander III: The Final Dimension (1994) as Warrior #1

Black Fox and Black Fox: The Price of Peace (1995) as Running Dog

Song of Hiawatha (1997)

House of Frankenstein (1997) as Woody

Waking up Horton (1998) as Horton

La Femme Nikita (1999) as Chris Ferreira

The Blue Butterfly (2004) as Alejo

Frankenfish (2004) as Ricardo

Into the West (2005) as Red Cloud

The New World (2005) as Tomocomo

Apocalypto (2006) as Zero Wolf

Tin Man (2007) as Raw (Viewer)

True Blood (2008) as Longshadow

In Plain Sight (2009) as Felix Calderon

Triassic Attack (2010) as Dakota

Cowboys & Aliens (2011) as Black Knife

Moby Dick (2011) as Queequeg

Neverland (2011) as Holy Man





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