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Nice forum! Now that I have found it, I will be sharing more of my work here, if thats ok. I have been shooting for well over 10 years now. Here are a few shots, I will be posting more every few days. I hope you enjoy!

post-56642-0-1446073269-99837_thumb.jpg post-56642-0-1446073270-03026_thumb.jpg th_408686267_csa_swim_305_122_28lo.jpg

th_086888585_csa_track_277_122_252lo.jpg th_086922192_csa_track_288_122_497lo.jpg th_086948832_csa_volley_303_122_126lo.jpg

post-56642-0-1446073270-05434_thumb.jpg post-56642-0-1446073270-07283_thumb.jpg post-56642-0-1446073270-1145_thumb.jpg th_379642754_csa_track_320_122_206lo.jpg

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