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Claire Kelly


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15 March 1934 is born in San Francisco, California, the daughter of a rich California rancher. Her mother’s maiden name is Daugherty.

1951 marries TV talk show host George J. Florentine, a.k.a. George DeWitt, during George’s appearance at Ciro’s

May 1952 expects her baby in September

1954 her son George Anthony "Jay" Florentine is born

1955 is in Howard Hughes' Son of Sinbad, using her married name, Claire DeWitt

1955 divorces DeWitt in Florida and claims he was a fine comic on TV, but he was no laughs around the house. She is awarded custody of their son.

27 March 1960 marries actor Julius C. Lopez, a.k.a. Perry Lopez, in the Little Brown Church in North Hollywood, California. He’s 30; she’s 26.

the divorces Lopez

21 October 1961 marries Robert Alan Kenaston, son of actress Billie Dove, auto salesman, and heir to a wealthy banking family, in Juarez, Mexico. He's 27; she's 27.

1 June 1962 her son Robert Burns Kenaston is born in Los Angeles

July 1963 is granted a divorce from Kenaston in Los Angeles. She claims Kenaston hates actresses and won't let her work. He agrees to pay $150 monthly child support. Kenaston will die at age 60 in 1995.

marries wealthy Robert Murphy

1 July 1998 as Claire K. Murphy, she dies at age 64 in Palm Springs, California





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