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I think I may have been hacked. I was having problems with my connectivity, so I started deleting programs that I never used. I think I deleted Adobe, windows messenger, Nero, a few things like that...when I got my connectivity back, my personal files were gone. It was like they were stolen, b/c there was nothing in the recycle bin in case I deleted them accidentally...

This came up on Norton:

Category: Virus alerts

Date,Feature,Virus Name,Action Taken,Item Type,Target,Suspicious Action,User Name,Computer Name,Details

1/30/2006 8:31:16 PM,Script Blocking,Suspicious script,Blocked,Script,N/A,FileSystem Object : DeleteFile,Owner,GRIFFIN-PH639H9,Source: C:\DOCUME~1\Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\GLF1E.VBS

I use a firewall and Norton Antivirus, so I don't know if files can be stolen or not...I know someone who had told me he could hack, but I don't know...how can I tell i've been hacked, and if it doesn't sound like i've been hacked, any clue where all my files disappeared to???? :cry: my folder which I had my files in are changed back to default for some reason too...I've learned a few things about IP addresses, pinging, and all that but I still couldn't find out anything solid. PLEASE HELPPPPPP

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