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Myrna Hansen


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Myrna Hansen (born August 5, 1934) is Miss USA 1953.


She graduated from Carl Schurz High School in Chicago, Illinois, in June 1953. Prior to competing in the 1953 Miss Universe contest, Hansen planned to study animal husbandry in Colorado. She had already mailed her tuition for admission to college, aspiring to become a veterinarian.

Beauty Contestant

Hansen was chosen Miss Photoflash of 1953 by the Chicago Press Photographers Association. She was entered in the Miss USA contest by virtue of winning this title. She was 5'7" tall and weighed 125 pounds. Her measurements included a 37 - inch bust, 25 - inch waist, and 35 - inch hips. By the end of 1955 her bust had increased by an inch. Her measurements read 38 - 25 - 33. She is a blond with brown eyes.

For winning the Miss USA crown Hansen was awarded a Hillman Minx convertible, a Universal Pictures contract, and a $2,500 diamond wrist watch. She also received an ornate trophy presented by Ruth Hampton, actress, and 1952 Miss New Jersey. Hansen was presented with a solid silver and gold replica of the crown on the Statue of Liberty. A gigantic loving cup was also among the prizes she won.

Miss Universe SNAFU

After winning the Miss Illinois USA crown, Hansen, from Chicago, went on to become Illinois's first representative to capture the Miss USA title. She was chosen a runner-up in the Miss Universe contest of 1953. Hedda Hopper reported in March 1954 that Hansen should have been awarded the Miss Universe title. The winner, Christiane Martel of France, was exposed as having been only seventeen when she won. Her minor status was disclosed when Martel applied for a marriage license to wed Ronnie Marengo.

In January 1954 Hansen accompanied Martel in the sixty-fifth annual Tournament of Roses Parade. They were aboard the float entitled American Heritage. It was an entry of the city of Long Beach, California. Adorned by cupids and thousands of white orchids and chrysanthemums, the float captured the sweepstakes prize.

Movie actress

Hansen negotiated a new seven-year contract with Universal in August 1954. The agreement stipulated that her salary would start at $200 weekly, with options to $900 a week. As a minor she was required to purchase a $25 U.S. savings bond on a weekly basis. When she turned twenty-one, in August 1955, Hansen claimed $2,400 in bonds, which had been held for her at the Los Angeles County clerk's office.

Soon after her contract was negotiated, Hansen filmed The Purple Mask (1955). Her character, Constance de Voulois, was one of three female spies in the film. The setting was France after the French Revolution. Angela Lansbury and Colleen Miller also played women who secretly observed Napoleon Bonaparte. Hansen followed this project with a role as the fiancee of Jack Kelly in Cult of the Cobra (1955).

She was cast in the MGM motion picture Raintree County (1957). She had an uncredited role as Lydia Grey. At the Louisville, Kentucky premiere, Hansen was cheered by a crowd of 5,000 people. Elizabeth Taylor, Eve Marie Saint, and Lee Marvin were among the other stars who came to the October 2, 1957 event.

Hansen played a showgirl in Party Girl (1958), a film which featured Robert Taylor and Cyd Charisse. Her fellow showgirls were Barbara Lang and Betty Utey. Her final parts in movies were roles in Goodbye Charlie (1964) and Black Caesar (1973).

MGM Signee

Hansen asked MGM for some time away from filming in 1957. She changed her name and cut her hair. She toured the United States on a bus. She worked as a dental receptonist in Memphis, Tennessee and was employed as a waitress and a clerk in various cities. She roomed with other waitresses. Her objective was to learn more "because I knew so little about people and life and I couldn't give sincerity to a role." Her plan worked and she was awarded an MGM contract. Hansen believed her work ethic was responsible for her success as an actress, when compared to contemporary beauty queens.


In December 1955 Hansen made her television debut on the The Burns and Allen Show show, which starred George Burns and Gracie Allen. She appeared on the screen for eight minutes of the CBS-TV show. This was longer than her total time on screen in the fifteen movies she had made. Hansen was featured in two additional appearances as the love interest of Ronnie Burns (actor).

She performed in episodes of The Thin Man (1957), Hawaiian Eye (1960), 77 Sunset Strip (1960), Westinghouse Playhouse (1960), and Green Acres (1971).

In 1959 Hansen did advertising for Coppertone sun tan lotion as a Model (person).

Personal life

Hansen is an officially qualified figure skater. She enjoys swimming and is a skilled horsewoman. She began riding at the age of eight, while her mother thought she was at the library.

She was married several times. Hansen divorced her second husband, realtor Lee D. Hyatt, in June 1965. They had been married on Valentine's Day in 1961. Hansen and Hyatt met in 1959 at a film colony dinner. In May 1968 her residence was in Hollywood, where she lived with her two sons.





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