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Anna McGahan


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Anna McGahan

DOB: 2/5/1988. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Height: 170cm. Hair colour: Red(Strawberry)Blonde. Eye colour: Green

Graduated from QUT Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) 2010


2010 Reef’n’Beef Daisy Paint Dry Productions

2010 The Joy of Sex Phoebe ThirdHorror

2010 Undertow Newlywed Limelight International

DIR: Dale G. Bradley

2010 Maxwell and Sierra Sierra GFS/Hannah Ariotti

2010 Virginity Jenny QUT Acting, L. Meenach

2009 Lance Johnson in Person Abby Foureyes Films/Patrick Kelly

Award-winner at Canada International Film Festival 2010

2009 Maligayang Pasko Girl Bestiola Films

2009 Break and Enter Ash Bestiola Films/J.Harrison

2009 It’s The Rage Lead Girl QUT/Geoff Portman

2009 Moving On Lara QUT/Geoff Portman

2008 Intrepid Voyage of Steamship Daedelus Grace GFS/Ben Outerbridge

2008 The Pit Lead GFS/Adrian Pagano

Best Film at Griffith Film School Black and White Screenings

2008 The Costume Shop Kate Accolade Media/B.Lane

Nominated for Best Actress 2008 QNFA Awards

2008 Isn’t It Lovely (Down by the Sea) Jess GFS/Thom Graham

2008 BiPolar Mopsy QUT/Chris Cosgrove

2007 Dirty Laundry Lesbian GFS/Ella Holmes

2007 In So Many Words Tilly Accolade Media/B.Lane

2007 A Night In Princess 48HR F.F/James Marshall

Runner-Up Best Actress 48 Hour Film Festival 2007


2011 Underbelly 4: Razor Nellie Cameron Screentime/Nine Network

(co-Lead) Dir: Various

2011 Spirited II Penelope Foxtel/Southern Star

(Recurring Guest) Dir: Various

2010 Rescue Special Ops Series 3 Tegan Reid Nine Network/Southern Star

(Guest) Dir: David Caesar

2010 The Boys’ Place Jane Pilot - Working Progress Films

2009 Popcorn Anita Pilot – Performance Prods

2009 Semi-Detached April Online – Zone4/BBC

source: Marquee management

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