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Anna Marie Van Vliet


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By Kate Lowenstein

February 25, 2009

Let me guess. You’re a model? Yeah. I’m on my way to Fashion Week castings. It’s a lot of presentations and look books this year because there’s no money and that’s cheaper than runway shows. Which is fine, because I’m only 5'8''—tiny for the runway!

Teensy! How old are you? Let’s say…a little older than 19. With modeling, I don’t like to say.

Don’t you ever just want to eat a burger and forget how you look? Well, I don’t eat meat, but I eat pancakes and brownies and everything I want—I have a good metabolism. Though I’m Dutch, so I have wide hips and a big ass.

Good for New York men to know. Oh yeah, they love it.

What will you do when you get old and lose your looks? [Laughs] I just started a real-estate business with my boyfriend. We get property for a good price—it’s a lot of searching—and then sell to investors or whoever wants it.

What does a little-more-than-19-year-old know about real estate? Well, I’m learning every step of the way. We’ve been to Trump University for a few seminars—

Wait. Did you say Trump University? [Laughs] Yeah. It actually exists. I was surprised too. It’s—

Courses on how to be a ruthless a-hole? [Laughs] No, not how to yell at your employees, but the ins and outs of real estate. We just keep on learning.

More from Anna Marie

"I was on the Dutch version of America’s Next Top Model. I told the judges, ‘Just because it’s television, you really don’t have to try and make me cry. That’s bullshit.’ They couldn’t air that, so they kicked me off.”

“I write a column for a Dutch magazine called Yes. It’s about the whole modeling and real estate thing. I’d love to write for a magazine here.”

“Right now, with the show castings, it’s horrible to walk around and feel like a midget—I bump the other models’ knees with my head. [Laughs] The other day, I was walking to a casting and this girl bumped into my bag and said, ‘Oh sorry.’ Then she looked at me and was like, ‘Are you going to the casting too?’ I said yes, and she turned around and started walking faster and faster until she was running. She was racing me! In the end there were only, like, four people there. But…she was still a lot taller than me. [Laughs]”

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