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Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me...

See, me and my mom have watched a movie like 4 years ago and we both LOVED it... we stayed up all night watching that movie, crying our eyes out because it was so sad...

The thing is that I don't know it's title and I really want to know it, so I can buy it...

here's the story (forgive me, but I don't know their names) she=Girl, he=Boy, girl's father=Father, alright?:

Girl meets Boy in college. They both study medicine. They fall in love. Girl's father doesn't want her to love Boy, because she has to marry someone else. Father has money, yet? :D hihi

Alright, so Girl and Boy are in a dessert to help sick people, and Father let someone shoot Boy.

A few years later, Girl is married to another man (with children), Boy is a doctor. Boy and Girl meet each other again, in the hospital, when found out that she has a braintumor. Girl dies... Boy cries...

Important detail: Girl gives Boy a ring when they first fall in love. When Girl dies, Boy is crying at a riversides and throws the ring in the water...

ANYONE KNOWS THE TITLE TO THIS MOVIE??? I know it's not fully detailed, but it's the best I can do... it's been about 4 years and I only know the main thing...

Thanks if you can help me!!!

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I would help you gladly :)

Okay, then my questions

How did the leading actors look?

From which country did the film come?

Did he come into the TV or cinema?

1. He looked like actor David Duchovny, she looked like actress Claire Forlani

2. I think it was either england or amerika (maybe both)

3. I saw it on TV

it was a romance/drama kinda story, from the 90's...

I have been searching IMDB...but I can't find it

thanks for helping me :)

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