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Senait Mehari


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life is not easy and of course everyone has got a sort of trouble.

but believe me....the childhood of this brave woman was worse than you can ever imagine....


Senait G. Mehari

She was a soldier in africa though she was only 6 years old and she was close to death so many times.

She wrote a book "Feuerherz" (fire heart).

Forget your little problems...this woman went through hell!!!! and I mean real hell!!!!

But she never lost hope.

She knows that she was born on december 3. but she doesn't know if it was in 1976, 1975, 1974, 1973 or 1972

I love her so much :wub:

senait47xr.th.jpg senait8jh.th.jpg senait28eh.th.jpg senait53db.th.jpg senait69rj.th.jpg senait71ys.th.jpg senait83ys.th.jpg senait96ki.th.jpg senait104nz.th.jpg

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