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PS3 Controller as Mac Joystick?

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So, by now I'm certain that nearly everyone (if not 100% of this board, at least) knows that they can use their PS3 controller as a USB joystick for games and, of course, legal emulation. However, I ONLY have a Windows machine, and have ordered a Macbook Pro for school and music-recording needs. Of course, I'm still going to want to have fun with it...

So, my question goes out to all Mac users, or anyone who knows the answer otherwise. Can the PS3 controller be used on a Mac machine as a USB Joystick?

I'm familiar with programs such as Parallels that allow you to run a Windows Virtual Machine, but I'm not interested in using those - I don't have a spare Windows CD Key. I AM going to be using the program Crossover for a good deal of work though, so perhaps it would work with that?


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