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Miami Fashion Week - Swimwear Anywhere 2011

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other swimwear during their licensee's Swimwear Anywhere presentation at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami

Carmen Marc Valvo Swimwear 2011

5593721_page_1.jpg 5593722_page_2.jpg 5593723_page_3.jpg 5593724_page_4.jpg 5593725_page_5.jpg

DKNY Swimwear 2011

5593727_page_1.jpg 5593729_page_2.jpg 5593730_page_3.jpg 5593732_page_4.jpg 5593733_page_5.jpg 5593734_page_6.jpg

Juicy Couture Swimwear 2011

5593738_page_1.jpg 5593740_page_2.jpg 5593742_page_3.jpg 5593744_page_4.jpg 5593747_page_5.jpg 5593749_page_6.jpg 5593751_page_7.jpg

Marc by Marc Jacobs Swimwear 2011

5593758_page_1.jpg 5593759_page_2.jpg 5593760_page_3.jpg 5593761_page_4.jpg 5593762_page_5.jpg 5593764_page_6.jpg 5593765_page_7.jpg

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