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Camila Finn

the sars

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Born in 1991 ... hmmm ... that makes her 15 this year. WOW.

I kno!!! I thought Exacly the same thing!! Like WOW !! She has great things in her future and for 15 year old girl she's done a LOT and a LOT more to come!!!

Jeez now fair :(

I am "suprised" she is brazillian... :whistle:

She is Really pretty tho...!

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She might be talanted & gorgeous , but most of all she's Lucky...Becouses theer are million models that are young gorgeos and talanted but don't get the chance to make it big...

She's done sooo much under her belt know that i am sure she is recognized in the fashion industry now... The winning of the Ford model of the world contest opened all these doors and it will continue open soooo much more

I mean serious even at 14 she was doing big designer shows...And now Haute Couture ??? The shows she appears in, appear The Top models at the moment i mean Daria , Stam, Bianca , Carolines , Morgane , Hana , Heather , Natasha , Raquel , Inguna , Mariacarla , Emina , Euginia , Carmen , Jeisa , Snejana , Gemma , Julia & etc , etc.... These models started approximetely around 18 to do high fashion (some younger) and she only at 14-15 ... Just being in the same show with all these models i think it's an honor , becouse they are THE TOP MODELS at this time..Esp on the runway...Every single 1 of them appear in almost every show every season ,every year , some of them in everyone there is...

Imagine how much bigger she'll get after couple of years...Even aftter 5 or 7 years she will be 1 of the top runway models and then she'l be with "The new wave of models" ...

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