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First Name:Dimphy

Last Name:Janse


Hair Color:Dark blonde

Eye Color:Blue / green

Date of Birth:October 15 1991

Place of Birth:Breda, North Brabant, Netherlands

Height:5'9.3" ; 176cm

Measurements:(US) 31.5-24-35.5 ; (EU) 80-60-90

Dress Size:(US) 4 ; (EU) 34

Shoe Size:(US) 8 ; (EU) 38.5 ; (UK) 5.5

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Summer FeelingDimphy Janse shows us that summer never really ends with Hunter & Gatti’s sun-soaked images featured in the Zoom section of Vogue Spain January. Outfitted by Sara Fernandez, Dimphy sports lightweight dresses and outerwear alongside a male companion. Windswept tresses by hair stylist Paco Garrigues and bronzed skin by makeup artist Frank Garrett complete the beauty’s easy breezy look. / Photo Assistant: Carlos Babbler, Digital Assitant: Felix Valiente

post-35528-0-1446062614-13061_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062614-16403_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062614-20616_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062614-23616_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062614-28514_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062614-2936_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062614-30144_thumb.jpg

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Florence Deladriere and Sona Jankuliakova style Dutch fashion model Dimphy Janse in retro, pencil-slim classics, lensed by Dennison Bertram for Marie Claire India’s November 2011 issue.

post-35528-0-1446062621-19606_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062621-22175_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062621-23902_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062621-96491_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062622-26521_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062622-2869_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062622-29297_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062622-30969_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062622-32189_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062622-5059_thumb.jpg

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Credits :

Photographer : David Maire

Stylism : N°10 Studio – Paris

Assistant Stylism : Coco

Models : Thana Kuhnen & Dimphy Janse c/o Nathalie Models Paris

Hair : Jerome Tiercelet c/o B4 Agency – Paris

Make-Up : Maniacha c/o B4 Agency – Paris

post-35528-0-1446062631-03934_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062631-08008_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062631-09505_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062631-12537_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062631-16863_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062631-20368_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062631-22326_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062631-23303_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062631-24408_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062631-26513_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062631-28457_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446062631-47544_thumb.jpg

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Editorial "seduccion basica" in Glamour Spain August 2012

Photographer: Erik von Frankenberg

Stylist: Monica Oliver

Hair: Cebado

Make-up: Pablo Iglesias

Model: Dimphy Janse

Source: DariaDeva at the Fashion Spot via Visual Optimism (visualoptimism.blogspot.com)

Screen_shot_2012_07_23_at_3_22_42_PM.jpg Screen_shot_2012_07_23_at_3_22_50_PM.jpg Screen_shot_2012_07_23_at_3_23_13_PM.jpg Screen_shot_2012_07_23_at_3_23_28_PM.jpg Screen_shot_2012_07_23_at_3_23_37_PM.jpg

Screen_shot_2012_07_23_at_3_23_45_PM.jpg Screen_shot_2012_07_23_at_3_24_32_PM.jpg Screen_shot_2012_07_23_at_3_24_39_PM.jpg Screen_shot_2012_07_23_at_3_24_47_PM.jpg

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Editorial "Barely There" - Vogue Netherlands July/August 2012

Photographer: Gerrit Schreurs

Stylist: Martien Mellema

Hair: Hester Wernert-Rijn

Make-up: Kathinka Gernant

Model: Dimphy Janse

Source: Mat_Cyruss at the Fashion Spot via magworld.nl

post-3311-0-1446062638-19628_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446062638-20976_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446062638-24617_thumb.jpg

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