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Best of Beauty Editorial Image

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Just like my other competiition- Best editorial image....but this time with Beauty, im going to gt all the nominations and THN make the list so that they are jumbled...

Nominate away!

They don't necessarily have to be an image from a beauty editorial- they could be from a normal editorial- but the image must focus on the face.

Mine so far:

Vogue Mexico February 2010 - Lindsay Ellingson

Vogue Nippon August 2007- Heather Marks "Peek-a-Boo Girl"

Vogue Italia, October 2004 -Polina Kouklina "The essence of Biba"

Vogue China July 2009- Mackenzie Hamilton "The Rays of the sun"

Vogue Italia May 2010- Sasha Pivovoarova "Love is in the hair"

Allure October 2008 - Doutzen Kroes "Best of Beauty"

Nippon Vogue november 2008- Magdalena Frackowiak "Fancy Me"

October Uk glamour 2010- Tara Lynn

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Maybe I made some nominations in the Best of the editorial images would fit better in this discussion. Can I change my nomination Cindy Crawford, Madame Figaro, February 1991 here?

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Glamour Italy March 1989, Cláudia Schiffer sent

Madame Figaro, February 1991, Cindy Crawford had sent it to you to use in The best editorial image, but I want to use this editorial here

GQ April 2008, Adriana Lima sent

Spanish Glamour Agosto 2009, Julie Ordon sent

Glamour Magazine 2010, "the prettiest makeup looks now", Julie Ordon sent

Vogue Brazil June 2008, 'Ela E Fera', by Henrique Gendre, Ana Beatriz Barros

Cosmopolitan November 1985, Paulina Porizkova

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This competition isn't going to start for awhile because i already have 4 running @ the moment which is plenty enough for now...

so im taking nominations still...more of mine...

Sasha Pivovarova, Vogue Beauty Italia August 2007, ph. Mario Sorrenti.

Daria Werbowy, French Vogue May 2005

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Vogue Paris March 2008 - "Plein Hair"

Allure June 2006

Wake-Up Makeup. - Inguna Butane.

Flaunt September 2005

"Face Value"- Jessica Herrick.

Vogue Japan October 08

Manga Motion- Magdalena Frackowiak

Vogue Nippon September 2010

Title: A Natural Love Affair- Heidi Mount

Allure October 2010

Best Of Beauty- Sasha Pivovarova

Vogue China February 2010

"Rogue Seduction"- Shu Pei

Vogue Nippon February 2011

"It Makes A Difference"- Anna Christine Speckhart

Arise Issue #12

by Willem Jaspert- Chrishell Stubbs


Heat Wave

Lindsay Ellingson by Regan Cameron

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