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Anna Maria Jagodzinska


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^thanks :D

btw Olga, I saw a huge billboard of new "Joy" (I think) issue with megan Fox on the cover, and they have this "diet book" or healthy eating thing to it... whatever. But what surprised me, is that the girl on this "supplement book cover" looked like it could be Ania :blink: well, I guess it wasn't her, but I was in a tram, driving very fast, so I couldn't take a look again at this picture :ninja: :ninja:

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So, counting now... in f/w 2010, Anna did only 2 shows-Givenchy and Stella McCartney, right?

Checked - it's not Anna on the cover of Joy supplement

I know :/ well, I kinda knew it probably wouldn't be her, but still.... the reason why I thought it would be (after seeing the supplement for about 1 second :D ) is that it reminded me of this beach candid you or me posted here some time ago.

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^ :blink: Idk if my Math skill just got better or worse, but am I counting right, 7 parfume campaigns?!??? :| :| :|

That's just :shock:

(btw... idk why but when I took a look at these, I still had a feeling like there is something missing).

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^ Lanca Perfume is the name of the clothing brand :D


then why I was so sure they advertised a new fragrance :wacko: thanks for correctg me, Olga :wacko:

Although maybe Anna will have her 8th parfume campaign soon, who knows :shifty:

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