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Tiana Tolstoi

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Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 179cm / 5′10.5″

Bust: 70 cm / 31.5″

Hips: 92 cm / 36"

"Discovered in Paris by an agent from New Madison, this Egyptian’s delicate, exotic beauty is bordering on mythological. With a fantastic name to go along with the face, Tiana is a girl we are truly excited to see more of in the future. "

posted by GloMichelle at tfs

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Harper's BAZAAR Kazakhstan June 2016

Photographer: Yulia Gorbachenko
Editor: Carine Utegenova
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Connie Berg
Hair Stylist: Greg Bitterman
Makeup Artist: Erin Parsons
Casting Director: DaVian Lain
Manicurist: Michelle Matthews


5323791.jpg 2074789.jpg 5060066.jpg 140663.jpg 3194135.jpg

source: TFS

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