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Sexy High Heels

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I'm going to favorite this thread and try to contribute to it every so often. I have no idea why, but for some reason a pretty girl in high heels will instantly get my attention and there are some pairs where if a girl wears them I will be at their will. My wish my girlfriend would wear them a lot more often, but she rarely does, which is kind of sad. She looks good in them when she sports them though. The ones I love see girls wear the most are probably the basic black with the pointed tip. Any pointed tip in general with a basic shape/color is what gets my blood boiling. What a sweet invention.


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i read a magazine article a long time ago about high heels. It discussed the obvious beautifying effect on women's legs but what was really interesting were comments about how a woman is somehow on a "pedestal" when wearing towering high heels. Most interesting were comments about how seeing a woman in high heels subconsciously arouses a chivalrous male instinct to protect a beautiful lady from danger or falling from her "pedestal". I know these thoughts went out with the dinosaurs but it's food for thought...

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