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Segundo Cernadas


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Segundo Cernadas

Pedro Cernadas (born March 20, 1972 in Viedma, Río Negro), better known as Segundo Cernadas, is a telenovela actor who has gained international fame, both in South America and other parts of the world. Cernadas is considered a teen idol in Argentina; many teenaged girls there follow his career.

Cernadas began to show interest in becoming an actor when he was a teenager himself.

Cernadas was convinced by a show business insider that he should change his name, so he chose Segundo to be his artistic first name. He chose the name to honor his favorite fictitious person, the main character in Don Segundo Sombra.

Pablo Ponce, a well known Argentine acting instructor, was Cernadas' first professional acting teacher. Soon after, Cernadas was accepted by one of Argentina's top show business academies.

Although Cernadas' main acting interests were in the theatrical area, soon after being accepted by the academy, he made his television debut, acting in "Montana Rusa, Otra Vuelta" ("Rollercoaster, (let's go) One More Time"). He followed that by participating, as a married medical doctor in "90-60-90 modelos".

In 1997, Cernadas made his third appearance at a telenovela, in "Ricos y Famosos" ("Rich and Famous"), which became a major international hit.

1998 was an important year in Cernadas' life: after participating in "Milady: La Historia Continua" ("Milady: The Story Continues)", which was the sequel to Argentine soap opera classic "Milady", he was seriously considering moving to Mexico to work there, but he was convinced to stay in his home country by producer Raúl Lecouna, who offered Cernadas his first starring role as a telenovela actor, in another soap that would become a major hit: "Muñeca brava" ("Wild angel"). This soap opera had such a wild success, that Cernadas travelled across Argentina, and to many other countries, to relive his character at various acting venues, for the next two years.

In 2000, he played the role of "Bebo" in "Los Buscas de Siempre" ("The (same) Bullies of Always)". Later on that year, he would once again play a doctor, in "Los Medicos de Hoy" ("Today's Doctors").

Cernadas visited Mexico once again, Miami and Caracas, in an effort to find a job. He was hired by Venezuela-based Iguana Productions to star in "Todo Sobre Camila" ("All About Camila"). He travelled to Ecuador during the filming of this telenovela, as the show was co-produced by Iguana Productions, and an Ecuatorian company.

But, despite all the work that he had done, Cernadas would not become a major international super-star until 2002, when he flew to Peru to act in "Bésame Tonto" ("Kiss me, Fool"), alongside Gianella Neyra. The soap opera, which featured romantic, family and even mafia twists, became the number one show in many countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Chile, Panama and many other countries. This soap opera marked the beginning of a period in which Cernadas began to be recognized as a teen idol by girls and young women outside Argentina as well.

In 2003, he participated in "Dr. Amor" ("Dr. Love") .

By 2004, Univision began to show "Bésame Tonto" in the United States; and Cernadas became the first Argentine actor to star in a Philippine soap opera, when he went to Manila to participate and team-up with Iza Calzado in "Te Amo, Maging Sino Ka Man" ("I Love You, Whoever You Are").

In 2005 he returned to Argentina and worked at Amor en custodia (2005) and Se dice amor (2006).

TelenovelasYear Telenovela Role

2011 Todo te amo for you Kamila/Martin

2010 El Fantasma de Elena Eduardo Giron

2009 Bella Calamidades Marcelo Machado

2009 Pasión Morena Oscar Salomón

2008 Valentino, el Argentino Valentinov alter ego

2006 Se dice amor Rodrigo

2005 El patron de la vereda Javier

2004 Te Amo, Maging Sino Ka Man I Love You, Who Ever You Are Fernando

2003 Bésame Tonto Romulo Martinez

2002 Todo sobre Camila Alejandro Novoa

2000 Los medicos de hoy Dr. Federico Ezcurra

2000 Los buscas de siempre Baby

1998 Muñeca brava Pablo Rapallo

1998 Milady, la historia continua Leonardo Lopez Quintana

1997 Ricos y Famosos Agustin Garcia Mendez

1996 Montaña rusa, otra vuelta Diego

1996 90-60-90 Modelos Dr Fabrizio

[edit] Television series(2005) "Quien es el jefe?"

(2003) "Dr. Amor"...Dr. Fernando Diaz Amor









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