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Eduardo Yañez

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Eduardo Yañez

Eduardo Yáñez (born September 25, 1960) is a Mexican soap opera actor.

Yáñez was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He lived with his mother and half brothers. He never met his father. Eduardo had a hard and sad childhood alongside his stepfather. As a child, his dream was to become a professional football player, but one day he witnessed a play rehearsal from Vocacional No.1 and he liked it. He asked for an opportunity and they gave it to him. At first he saw it as a possibility to make more money, but little by little he liked it more and more and decided to go to Televisa for a greater opportunity. Producer Ernesto Alonso saw his potential and gave him his first role in the soap opera "Quiereme Mucho". Yáñez played the role of "Carlos" alongside the actress Victoria Ruffo. His natural style and strong physical appearance won the hearts of the audience.

Yáñez married his first wife, Norma Adriana Garcia, in 1987. They had a son named Eduardo Yáñez Jr. They were divorced three years later.

In 1991, Yáñez moved to the United States where he worked on two soap operas for Capital Vision, "Marielena" and "Guadalupe".

Later he worked in Hollywood, on movies such as " Striptease", "Wild Things", and "Megiddo". His most recent American movie was "The Punisher". He has also worked in television series such as "Savannah" and "Soldier of Fortune". He most recently worked in "Sleeper Cell" and "Cold Case".

In 1996, Yáñez married Francesca Cruz, a Cuban-American, he met in Miami. They lived between Los Angeles and Miami. In January 2003 they filed for divorce. The case was ultimately settled for an undisclosed amount.

In 2005, after a long absence, Yáñez returned to Mexico and appeared in a soap opera named "La Verdad Oculta".

He has appeared in 8 theatrical plays, 13 soap operas, 31 movies (of which 8 are in English) and is still working on projects in Hollywood. In 2007, he played the main role in the popular Mexican soap opera "Destilando Amor". He is presently starring as the leading male role in "Fuego en la sangre" , a Mexican soap opera that premiered in January 2008 and ended in November 2008.

[edit] Telenovelas

2009: Corazón Salvaje as Juan del Diablo

2008: Fuego En La Sangre as Juan Reyes

2007: Destilando Amor as Rodrigo Montalvo Santos

2006: La Verdad Oculta .... Juan José Victoria Ocampo

2003: Te amaré en silencio .... as Camilo / El Lobo

1994: Guadalupe .... Alfredo Robinson

1994: Marielena .... Luis Felipe Sandoval

1991: En carne propia .... Leonardo Rivadeneyra

1990: Yo compro esa mujer .... Aldama

1989: Dulce desafío .... Enrique Toledo

1987: Senda de gloria .... Manuel Fortuna

1985: Cartas de amor

1984: La muerte cruzó el río Bravo .... Fernando

1984: El amor nunca muere .... Alfonso

1984: Tú eres mi destino .... Fabián

1983: El maleficio .... Diego

1982: Quiéreme siempre .... Carlos

[edit] Actor

2006: All You've Got .... Javier Espinoza ... aka Rumble (USA: video title)

2006: Hot Tamale .... Sammy

2005: Cold Case .... Felix Darosa "Frank's Best"

2005: Sleeper Cell .... Felix Ortiz "Money"

2004: Man on Fire .... Bodyguard 2A

2004: The Punisher .... Mike Toro

2002: CSI: Miami .... Columbian Interrogator "A Horrible Mind".... Columbian Interrogator

2001: Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 .... Gen. Garcia

2000: Knockout (2000–2001) .... Mario Rodrigues

1999: Held Up .... Rodrigo

1999: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movie .... Valdez

1998: Wild Things ... Frankie Condo

1997: Soldier of Fortune, Inc. .... Miguel Peralta "Collateral Damage"

1996: Miami Hustle .... Jose ... aka "Hello, She Lied"

1996: Striptease .... Chico

1996: Savannah (TV series) .... Benny Serna

1996: Robin Goodfellow .... Diego

1995: Ocho malditos

1994: Gladiadores del infierno

1991: Operativo de alto riesgo

1991: Golpe brutal

1991: Polvo de muerte

1990: Carrera contra la muerte .... Fabian Albarran

1989: Operación asesinato

1988: Bancazo en Los Mochis

1988: Panico en la carretera

1988: Contrabando, amor y muerte

1987: Asesinato en la plaza Garibaldi

1987: Hombres de arena

1987: Dias de matanza

1986: Yako, cazador de malditos .... José Luis/Yako

1986: El maleficio II .... Profesor Andrés

1985: Contrato con la muerte

1985: Narco terror

1985: Enemigos a muerte .... Jorge "Triángulo de muerte"







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