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Victor Noriega

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Victor Noriega

Víctor Noriega (born Víctor Enrique Noriega Herdz), born 10 May 1972 is a Mexican actor, singer and model

Born in Mexico City, he started his career as a model. He then pursued a BA in Communications [1]. At the same time he auditioned for a musical group and became part of Garibaldi from 1989 to 1998, in which he was one of the 8 original members.

The group reunited in 1999 launching a double CD. He then started his acting career in Mexican soap operas. Later on he mixed his career as a host for several TV shows for UNIVISION and TELEFUTURA. He recorded an album as solo artist, but it was never released. However he continues to pursue his dream of recording and releasing a CD as a solo artist in the near future.[2]


[edit] I. Garibaldi

The group was formed during a casting by producer Luis de Llanos in 1989; It originally cast 11 members, but months later after image testing only 8 partipants were kept in the group:

Patricia Manterola, singer/model/actress

Katia Llanos, entrepreneur in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Luisa Fernanda, television host for Telemundo, radio host for Univision

Pilar Montenegro, singer/actress

Víctor Noriega, actor/singer/model

Sergio Mayer, actor and producer of Sólo para Mujeres

Charly López, restaurateur

Javier Ortiz, actor Sólo para Mujeres and Aventurera

Other members who joined the group upon replacement of the original members were:

Ingrid Coronado, television host for TV Azteca

Paola Toyos, actress/model

Mara Almada, model/ tv host

[edit] Discography

1999: Reunion 10

1994: Caribe

1993: Gritos De Guerra, Gritos De Amor

1993: Donde Quedo La Bolita

1991: Los Hijos De Buda

1990: Noche Buena

1990: Que Te La Pongo

1989: Garibaldi

[edit] II. Víctor Noriega (Solo Career)

In 2001, Víctor Noriega recorded his first solo album with Flamingo Music. However, the album was never released.[3]

[edit] Discography

2001: Por un Beso Recorded with Flamingo Music, however, album was never released.

[edit] Soap operas

His soap opera participations include:[4][5]

2009: Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe as Marco Valenzuela. Next to Itatí Cantoral and Pedro Fernández

2009: Cuidado con el Angel as Daniel. Next to William Levy and Maite Perroni

2007: Palabra de Mujer as Emmanuel SanRoman. Next to Edith González and Yadhira Carrillo

2005: Peregrina as Eugenio. Next to Africa Zavala and Eduardo Capetillo

2005: El Amor No Tiene Precio as Sebastian Monte y Valle. Main role. Made in Miami for FONOVIDEO. Next to Susana González

2003: Angel Rebelde as Raul. Main role. Made in Miami Fl. for VENEVISION. Next to Grettell Valdéz

2003: Bajo la Misma Piel as Gabriel. Next to Kate del Castillo and Juan Soler

2002: Entre el Amor y el Odio as Paulo Sacristan. Next to Susana González and César Évora

2001: La Intrusa as Dr. Eduardo del Bosque-Colmenares Iturbide. Next to Gabriela Španić

2000: Por un Beso where he landed his first lead role as Daniel Diaz de León. Next to Natalia Esperón

1999: Mujeres engañadas as Pablo Renteria. Next to the singer and actress Laura León and Sabine Moussier

1999: Rosalinda as Alex Dorantes. Next to the international singer and actress Thalía

1998: Camila as Dr. Wicks. Next to the singer and actress Bibi Gaytán

1998: Rencor Apasionado as Gilberto Monteverde. Next to Aracely Arámbula and Natalia Esperón

[edit] TV shows

His participation in other TV shows include:[4]

Big Brother VIP: Mexico, in 2002 where he was the second evicted

El Gordo y la Flaca, he has continuously co-hosted the entretainment news show with Lili Estefan since 2002

Teleton 20-30 Panama, he was a guest host in 2002

Objetivo Fama, a reality show in looking for Latin talent. He was the host in 2005

Premios TV Novelas, 2002 to date. Co-host.

[edit] Movies

His participation in movies include:[4]

1992: Donde Quedo la Bolita in 1992, in which all the Garibaldi members participated.

[edit] Theatre

His participation in theatre include:[4]

No Puedo, in 1999 as Roberto Legorreta








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