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Juan Soler

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Juan Soler

Juan Soler (born Juan Soler Valls-Quiroga on January 19, 1966 in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina) is an Argentine-Mexican actor and former rugby player and model. He is married to Argentine actress "Maki" Magdalena Moguilevsky with whom he has two daughters.

He was born in Argentina to a family of Catalan and Galician decent. As a teenager he played rugby union and became part of the Argentine national team.[1] He later became a model and started acting in plays in Argentina.

On December 20 of 2003 he married actress Maki. He now owns a restaurant called El Che Loco in Mexico City. He has three children. Valentina is his older daughter, she lives in Argentina. His second daughter Mia was born on December 18, 2004. The baby girl has a condition called "Situs Inversus". In March 2005, Maki lost a pregnancy of three months. His third daughter Azùl was born on February 20, 2007

In 1994, after participating in the TV show Montaña Rusa and the play Juego de sociedad he decided to move to Mexico. There, he obtained small roles in two telenovelas with Televisa and in 1996 he starred in Cañaveral de pasiones which became the most successful production of that year. He then joined the cast of Verónica Castro's telenovela Pueblo chico, infierno grande, and the Mexican production of the play P.S. Your Cat Is Dead as Eddie, touring Mexico and the United States. He also appeared in the Peruvian telenovela María Emilia: Querida. He returned to Mexico in 2000 and has made five telenovelas as of 2005, including Locura de Amor and Bajo La Misma Piel, both of which co-starred Laisha Wilkins. Juan Soler appeared in the telenovela Apuesta por un Amor with Patricia Manterola in 2004, and it garnered him a best actor nomination. In 2006, he appeared in the popular Televisa hit La fea más bella.


Il tocco: la sfida (1996)



Montaña Rusa (1994)


María Emilia: Querida (1999) as Alejandro Aguirre


Cuando Me Enamoro (2010) as Jeronimo Linares [ protagonista ]

Palabra de Mujer (2007/08) as Martín Castellanos [ protagonista ]

La fea más bella (2006/07) as Aldo Domensain [ co-protagonista 2nd part ]

Apuesta por un Amor (2004/05) as Gabriel Duran [ protagonista ]

Bajo la misma piel (2003) as Alejandro [ protagonista ]

La Otra (2002)as Álvaro [ protagonista ]

Sin pecado concebido (2001) as Octavio [ co-protagonista 2nd part ]

Carita de ángel (2000/01) as Marcos [ actuacuon especial ]

Locura de amor (2000) as Enrique Gallardo [ protagonista ]

Ángela (1998/99) as Mariano [ protagonista ]

Pueblo chico, infierno grande (1997) as Genaro Onchi [ co-protagonista ]

Cañaveral de pasiones (1996) as Pablo [ protagonista ]

Acapulco, cuerpo y alma (1995/96) as Humberto [ co-protagonista 2nd part ]

Bajo un mismo rostro (1995) as Marcelo [ actuacuon estelar ]

Primetime series

¿Y ahora qué hago? (2007) as Juan [ guest ]

Amor mío (2006) as Pablo [ guest ]

La Hora pico (2007) [ various characters ]


Me fascina mi vecina (2000)

P.D. Tu gato ha muerto ("P.S. Your Cat Is Dead", 1999)

Bajo las sábanas (1997)

Juego de sociedad (1993–1994)







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