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Converting .swf to .jpg

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Just a little question for the technologically advanced of you: I was able to download an .swf file of a model that I like from a website. However, I'd now like to convert it to a .jpg(Or, really, any image format) so that I can post it here. Or, at the very least, I'd like to extract a .jpg image from .swf. Do anyone know if this is possible or how I would go about doing it? If it's of any assistance, here is the link to the .swf: http://www.claires.com/images/caimages/FallEyeUpdate1.swf.

Thanks so, so, SO much in advance! :hug:

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Here's the pic :wave:


Basic way = take a screenshot

1. Press Print Screen on your keyboard

2. Open an image editor (Photoshop, GIMP, Paint, etc) and open a blank document

3. Paste (Ctrl+V or Edit > Paste from the menu)

4. Crop the image to get rid of the stuff around it

5. Save the image

Better way = extract the image

1. Get Flash Digger Plus (click for link). Or there might be a better alternative around, but this one is free and it works. You have to pay to unlock some of the features of the program, but for extracting images you only need the free version. Just click "Demo" when the program starts up and it asks for an activation code.

2. Open the SWF file

3. Go to JPEG Images in the column on the left, and keep clicking stuff until you see the image you want show up

4. Click the Export Object button, or Export > Export Object from the menu

This is a better way, because the image will export at the correct size that it was embedded at. Which also means you can get to HQ images if they've been embedded (the SWF you posted only had a small image though).

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I know,all is solved, but you can use Avidemux,too.

Load the swf or maybe the flv file and save it to a bmp or jpg serie. ;)

You can find it here:


I have the DownloadHelper for Mozilla and savethe "videos" as flv.

And then you can edit with avidemux

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SWF to JPEG, JPG Converter could convert SWF to a series of pictures in JPEG, JPG formats. So you can snap a single JPG picture from SWF file, and the amazing point is SWF to JPEG,JPG Converter can generate a series of continuous JPEG, JPG pictures automatically or at a preset snap frame rate, the output pictures quality is adjustable too. SWF to JPEG is a program for image extraction from SWF files. You can view the images that are saved in a SWF file and save one or all of them (BMP, JPEG, PNG formats) using SWF to JPEG Converter. SWF to JPEG can work with the packed SWF files. The program is simple in utilization; all the actions are carried out by means of click on the corresponding button. Flash SWF to GIF, JPEG converter is a tool to capture selected frames of the Adobe Flash file and save them to animated GIF or JPEG formats. Create your small GIF animation easy.


dvd to mp4 converter for mac

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Just google search "SWF to JPG Converter", many of free tool avaiable to convert flash to a series of pictures of JPEG according to each frames of the flash file. So you can convert SWF to JPG with SWF to JPG Converter to get the JPG images. Moreover, some of them are convenient and flexible to adjust the quality of JPG images and other properties including the image special effects.


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