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After the dazzling success of last week interview, HME is proud of presenting you both the interview and an amazing shooting (by photographer Alfonso Vidal) of its new Sunday Girl: Aniko Michnya !!

If you want to know more about her day-to-day life as a model, you’d love to know where she hangs out in London, then read this interview and please, do not forget to admire her terry-like shooting !!

HME: Hi Aniko!! How are you today?

“Amazing!!!! Food always makes me happy. :)

HME: In my last interview with Alice Rausch, she mentioned in her “definition of a model” something funny about models: If one wanted to approach a model, this person should by no means ask her where she comes from. Do you agree with her? Conversely, are you flattered when someone guesses it? Or you do not care?

“Haha,… funny…but yeah I agree…. when someone asks me where I’m from I always answer I’m from Europe.. :) I was born in Slovakia, but my mother language is Hungarian, than some Austrian blood, this and that…you know European…. :)

I don’t really get annoyed about people (specially men) asking me where I’m from, the annoying part is that it just takes toooooooo long to explain,..waste of time!”

HME: Anyway, please introduce yourself to our viewers: Who are you? How did you become a model? What are the main shootings and fashion shows you have done so far?

“I’m just a simple girl from a very small town. Who had her dreams, and she moved to Hungary to do her college.

But one (life changing) day, this strange guy came up to me, and asked if I wanna do modelling, I said NO THX…. then next year summer he called me again, and asked if I would like to go to Milano just for the summer to see how it goes.. I said OK, ….LET’s ROLL… but it’s very strange coz one day u are a normal person, next door geeky girl and never ever thought I could model, I didn’t even know what modelling or fashion meant.. then one day someone sees something in you and BUMMMM ….LIFETIME CHANGE…FOREVER> coz once u in… u cant step out. It’s like a circle, life become modelling, travelling and nothing has ever been the same.

I always had a problem with my hips coz I’m more women type than other models. There are many types of models. I’m the Sexy-Commercial one. They can make me look older and younger than my age, and that’s the Magic of this job. I love it. Every day you can become someone else, but the end of day you are still yourself.

I have been working for Jean Paul Gaultier, Basil Soda, Marithe et Francois Girbaud, did editorials for Hermès, Zink, Men’s health, Maxim, etc. I do more underwear and bikini shoots: Punto Blanco, La Senza, Triumph etc,. And many more.”

HME: Apparently, models never know where they will end up the day after… Do you already know where you will be next week? Do you like to travel all the time? How do you manage the constant time difference?

“Time difference doesn’t exist for me anymore, I can get comfortable at any kind of place. Even on a 8 hour flight. I can fall asleep in 5min in any kind of vehicle in any kind of position…hahaha

Next week, I’m going HOME, finally for Xmas…seeing my family means a lot to me. I can’t say I miss them.. well of course I do, but after 6 years travelling I don’t miss them so much. We talk everyday thank God for the 21st century technology.

Getting a call from your agent, that tomorrow you have to wake up at 3.30am and take the first plane to nowhere land can be a bit annoying. Especially when you made plans with friends already for the next day. But after 10-15 min screaming into the universe, I calm down and start to pack… :)

It is a kind of Love and Hate relationship.”

HME: Do you have any favorite fashion photographer, either you have worked with or not, and why?

“My favourite photographer is Alfonso Vidal..:) he is Spanish really good friend of mine, and WHY??? because we just love to shoot,… drink wine,.. smoke,… joke around…. sharing ideas… I love his work and I love the fact that anytime we shoot we always make some cool stuff…:) we play around and then BOOM magic is made. The pics I gave to you: he shot them.

But of course I would love to shoot with Terry Richardson.. he is crazy,…Love his work…that World be a dream and a mission to come true.”

HME: Do you think that you should be entitled to your say about the retouched pictures of you or you do not care and let the photographers do their jobs?

“hmm… Well of course retouching is nice when you look horrible after a long flight, night, etc. I don’t really like the ‘too much’ retouching when you can’t even recognize yourself. We models can’t really do anything about it. Most of the time it’s not even the Photographers fault coz he is just taking the pics. Then the client usually takes the pics to a professional retouching office, and some other people are retouching it.

I care about the pics but then again after the shoot is over, my job is done, after that it is up to the client how and what they want.

And I am always waiting to be surprised when the photos are out.”

HME: Would you fancy walking for Victoria Secret (fashion show) next year? You actually have the assets to do so! ;)

“WHAAAAA…… this is so funny you asked, because that’s one of my goals… to Walk for Victoria Secret. :) love their style, attitude, and vibe.

I’m obsessed with underwear. Maybe one day I will start my own line. I just love underwear. Hahaha”

HME: Besides, you told me that you have been living in London for one year now. I was wondering if you normally pick the city in which you live or your agency needs you to be based in this particular city?

“When you start modelling you don’t really know which market is good for you, which place you should stay at. And actually when you are 16-20 you shouldn’t be based anywhere. Just travel around, you have 4 years to see and try which is the best place for you to stay at. That’s what I did. Travelled all around: Asia, South Africa, all Europe. I haven’t been in the states yet. Hopefully next year I can go and try that life as well. At the moment London is perfect. I chose it because it’s easy to fly everywhere from here. And I just love it.

My ‘mother’ agency is in Germany. They were telling me at the begging where I should go. But now it works differently. I have an idea, I call my agent, we talk about it and make a decision. She is like my sister, who is guiding me through my model life.”

HME: Good to know!! What do you like the most in London then?

“ LONDON BABY?!!!!!! I just love to see the city with full of races, religions, old, young, punk, funky, rocky, smooth….whaaaaaaa just love that this city is alive,..it’s so colourful, shopping is amazing, you can find cheap, expansive, food…OMG, (well usually I cook at home with my roomies) but if we go out, and eat in restaurants… You can find some amazing hidden restaurants..:) I’m obsessed with food as well. Haha”

HME: Where do you usually hang out in London? Tell us about the craziest things you did in this city?

“I did had a crazy period of going out over here and exploring, from Members club HomeHouse to Cuckoo Club and I should not forget all the amazing Hotel room after parties with Champaign bottles, clubbing till 6-7am…

But where usually I’m hanging out now is HOME after all the travelling around I have been doing the past weeks, when I land in London all I want is to go home.. with my two best flat mates..:) drinking wine, smoking, movies, and just chill. I’m a real chiller,.. Did parties before, and I still do Movida, Jalouse, Maddox, Jet Black,..etc… but it’s not my style… :) Home chilling is my thing with close friends, when you don’t have to be careful what you say, just be yourself, and share crazy ideas, when we 3 are all at home at the same time, that’s memories for life…”

HME: What are your favorite places in London: restaurants, best cocktail bars, night clubs?

“I like many places.. :) Nobu for the Cod fish… FAK for the passion fruit cocktail, Four O Nine just for the amazing food, Ciprini for the best atmosphere and food. Clubbing hmmm I don’t know actually, depends on the music. I love to party for good music.. in London I prefer to party for hip-hop, r’n'b little d’n'b. I love electronic music as well… but then I just go to my second hometown Barcelona…!!!!!!!! :) summer IBIZA….:)

HME: What’s the best thing to do (before a party) when you “gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night”?

“HAHAHA… there is a very good receipt for that.. ;) few good amigos… few shots of tequila,.. smoking, talking,… getting ready women style..:) A LBD and a pair of Loubis and my entourage we are ready for a great nite..”

HME: What are your favorite clothing and shoe brands? What do you wear this season? Winter is quite harsch in London!!

“haha .. maybe you will kill me for this answer, But I just don’t have favourite clothing brand.. I’m obsessed with shoes more than clothes… But let me pass this question to my personal stylist, Diwa Zai she knows what I wear and what I like…

Diwa: “Aniko has a great sense of style without even trying, almost everything suits her well as she has the figure and the height and the personality to carry it all.

So we always play with trends and brands, from Topshop, French Connection, COS, Zara Michael Kors, BCBG and Lanvin colourful dresses, and anything else that fits the occasion, LOL!!! Shopping is a treasure hunt for me and especially when Ani and I are together.

As our idol Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel once said a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

HME: Last but not least, what are the most appropriate places and ways to approach a model like you? Note that I asked the same question, and she came up with a funny “definition of a model”. What is your view on it? Tell our viewers how to hit on models!! ;-)

“I don’t think there is a difference between Model and women… we r all the same. We are human as well :) So if you wanna hit on a model you just gotta have the balls and come up to us. I prefer when the men is coming up to me ‘old school’ style. Be a gentleman and be nice. :)

HME: Do you remember the worst and the most romantic attempts to hit on you? (censorship forbidden ;-) ).

“The worst is when someone is just coming up to you and the first question is ARE YOU A MODEL? i mean, come on. What do you want? hahaha sometimes in clubs men are very rude. Just because you are model they think you UP for anything. But come on, I’m from a very conservative family, so I just ignore those ‘type’ of men. Give them the look, usually they think I’m stuck up. But I don’t care. I am always just me myself and I.

The most romantic? Well,.. its always the fairytale situations…… I believe in destiny, and when I meet someone who can give me the butterflies in my stomach. hmmmm that’s what I call amazing feeling.. :) Romance is nice. I think I’m in Love with Love.”

HME: Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoyed this interview!! It’s been a real pleasure for me!!

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Mother agency: Talents Models


* Francina Models- Barcelona

* SS&M Model Management

* Max Models - Cape Town

*IMM Brussels

*Zone Models- London

*Metropolitan- Paris

*Anima Creatives- India

* Model Team- Hamburg

*e'sensual models- berlin

* Fashion Model- Istanbul

* TFM-Oslo

I think I got them all this time!

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