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Madeline Smith


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From IMDB:

Date of Birth

2 August 1949, Hartfield, Sussex, England, UK


5' 6" (1.68 m)

Mini Biography

Shapely, dark haired British actress who appeared in a number of sensual film and TV roles that showcased her beauty. She is probably best recognizable as Miss Caruso, the beautiful young Italian agent sleeping with James Bond in the opening of Live and Let Die (1973) whose blue dress zipper meets its match in Bond's magnetic watch. Prior to this, she had worked with Roger Moore in an early TV appearance and he recommended her for the role.

IMDb Mini Biography By: [email protected]


David Buck (? - 27 January 1989) (his death) 1 child


In the sixties, her father owned an antiques shop in Kew Gardens, while she worked at Biba's: this was a fashion house in High Street, Kensington, London. It was at this shop that she was approached by the makers of the film _"Escalation"(1968)_ around 1967. Apart from the films and TV shows mentioned in the IMDB listing, she may have appeared in: "Reflections On Love" (1966), an episode of "His and Hers" (1970) called "Neighbours", _"The 19.36 to Didcot" (1975)_, _"In the Looking Glass" (1976)_, _"The Glass Onion" (1978)_.

Bust 32B until the age of 21, then blossomed up to a 34DD

She was in the initial version of the film 'Mr Forbush and the Penguins' (1971) but was cut out along with the majority of the cast when the director decided to re-edit it.

Personal Quotes

'I was a late developer in every sense. At 21, I became interested in men for the first time and men became more interested in me. My body reacted by producing this enomous bosom. It had nothing to do with the Pill, which I've never taken.'

'When you've got a bosom like mine, there's a very narrow margin between being sexy and ridiculous.'

'The most irritating thing is when people assume that because you have a large bosom, you're going to be vapid and silly. I fail to see what glands have got to do with brains.'

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