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Sebastian Rulli

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Sebastián Oscar Rulli (born July 6, 1975 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine-Mexican actor and model.



Before becoming the successful actor that he is today, Sebastián Rulli began his career modeling in many different countries in Europe, namely Spain, Italy and France as well as in Mexico and the United States. In Mexico, he then enrolled in Televisa's Centro de Educación Artística (CEA), where he studied acting. Rulli made his first appearance on Mexican television in the soap opera Primer amor... a mil por hora in 2000. He has gained great popularity since then. Sebastian Rulli has appeared in many other telenovelas, including Clase 406 (2002) and Rubí (2004), where he played "Héctor Ferrer." His most recent role was in Televisa's Un gancho al corazón as "Mauricio Sermeño," one of the main characters, along with La Monita. Sebastian Rulli married his longtime girlfriend Cecilia Galeano on December 31st, 2007, in a small ceremony that was attended by about thirty friends and family.


* 2010: Teresa remake

* 2010: Cuando Me Enamoro

* 2008: Un gancho al corazón .... Mauricio Sermeño

* 2007: Pasión .... Santiago Márquez

* 2006: Ugly Betty .... Padre Pedro - telenovela segment / ... (4 episodes, 2006)

* 2006: Mundo de fieras .... Juan Cristóbal

* 2005: Contra viento y marea .... Sebastián Cárdenas Contreras

* 2005: Tres .... Virgilio

* 2004: Alegrijes y rebujos .... Rogelio Díaz Mercado

* 2004: Rubí .... Héctor Ferrer Garza

* 2002: Clase 406 .... Juan Esteban San Pedro

* 2002: Mujer, casos de la vida real

* 2001: Sin pecado concebido TV series .... Marco Vinicio Martorel Hernández

* 2001: Primer amor... tres años después (TV) .... Mauricio

* 2001: Primer amor... a mil por hora .... Mauricio

* 1998: Verano del '98 TV series .... Willy

* 1997: Naranja y media TV series .... Sebastián

* 1997: Locas por ellos TV series .... Jhonny

* 1995: Montaña rusa, otra vuelta TV series .... Ignacio

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