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Corinne Cole


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(Corinne Elaine Kegley)

13 May 1937 is born in Brentwood, California, to Carl S. Kegley, California deputy attorney, and his wife, Alice Polk, a descendant of President James Knox Polk and a former Ziegfeld Girl

resembling Carroll Baker, she’s first runner-up in the “Miss USA” pageant

May 1958 as Lari Laine, she is Playboy’s “Playmate of the Month”

May 1959 her mother dies

Ozzie Nelson suggests she change her name from Laine to Cole

early October 1967 marries entertainment entrepreneur and president of the Sands Hotel Jack Entratter at the Las Vegas synagogue. He’s 54; she’s 30. Five friends are present. Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow congratulate. The widowed Entratter has two daughters from a previous marriage.

14 February 1968 Entratter files for divorce from her on Valetine’s Day after a four-and-a-half-month marriage

20 June 968 Entratter divorces her in Las Vegas

August 1968 columnist Earl Wilson reports: “Jack Entratter and actress Corinne Cole who divorced a few weeks ago, are planning a reconciliation...”

8 January 1970 Entratter divorces her in Las Vegas for a second time

11 March 1971 Entratter mysteriously dies at age 57 in Las Vegas from a fall off his bicycle. Doctors say the cause of death was a cerebral hemorrhage after suffering a minor stroke.

17 March 1973 marries wealthy businessman Robert E. Heffron, a tire distributor, in Los Angeles. He’s 28; she’s 35.

her son, Benjamin, is born

October 1975 is kidnapped at gunpoint and stuffed into the trunk of a car but rescued unharmed by the Beverly Hills Police Department. Columnist Jack O’Brien reports that she was “kidnapped from her Bevhills home and held for $300,000 ransom - but was rescued and released 30 minutes after the snatch by L. A. cops. Her present husband, bound and abandoned at their home, busted his bonds and called police with the license number he’d seen before they entered. A ‘friend’ was booked on suspicion...”

1977 adopts an infant boy

23 February 1982 announces she’ll run for the Beverly Hills City Council and brings along her 1958 Playboy centerfold

30 April 1982 divorces Heffron in Los Angeles

2 May 1985 marries Harold L. Lansky in a religious ceremony in Las Vegas

80s has an internationally syndicated newspaper column, Real to Reel

12 October 1991 marries her good friend, Director George Sidney, in a civil celebrant in Las Vegas. He’s 75; she’s 54. He becomes the love of her life.

5 May 2002 becomes the widow of Sidney, who dies at age 85 in Las Vegas

2007 resides in Las Vegas. She is chairman of the Fine Arts Committee at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and teaches two days a week.









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